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Found: Angry Letter to Mother from Son

14 June 2010
Contributor: Haystack

Found in a book.

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Dear Mom,

I was really sorry to hear how you feel about the way I am conducting my life, but I just can’t take the things that you and Duane & Chuck and Stan & Fran say without being upset and just a little mad over it.

The mere fact that I was seen in a bar talking to a girl isn’t enough for anyone to say that I am leading a rotten life or am on the road to hell. Everyone has had a lot to say ut no one knows the situation as it stands so I feel like everyone has a hell of a lot of nerve—judging judging me by what they hear or believe to be true.

Up until now—no one has been interested in anything I do to even come to my home to visit or two to bring my wife closer to the family, and now everyone is ready to knife me in the back and judge me by things that don’t even exist. If you think I am going to hell because I drink beer or because I seem to be leading a terrible life, then let me tell you that my two brothers are hanging right on to my shirt-tail on the way down.

At least I didn’t have to get married and when I did get married I had my family at the wedding and it wasn’t a farce like Chuck’s.

I don’t profess to be an angel or that I haven’t made mistakes because I have. I know that when Judy & I were separated I overdid things a little and I am thoroughly ashamed of the way I acted, but that’s water under the dam. Since then—I feel that I have done nothing whatsoever to make my family feel that I am dragging them through the mud. Whatever you are basing your opinions on—I am sure that if you would be truthful to yourself—you’d see that you are judging and condemning me on assumptions and something that you know nothing about. Like I said before none of you know the conditions that exist so therefore I feel that it’s none of your business when you try to judge me. If I had done anything wrong or immoral I could accept your letters as helpful criticism and maybe profit by them, but the way things stand—I can’t accept yours or anyone else’s—interference with my life and how I live it. I never thought I’d see the day when you would take for granted—all the things that you have in the last few weeks concerning me. I am very sorry if you think that I have wronged the family but I don’t think that I have.

If my family don’t think enough of me to visit me at my home—they needn’t expect to ever see me in theirs. Duane and Chuck will never see me in their homes again. Anyone that has no more respect for people’s lives than to say and do things to hurt or destroy a marriage that is already on thin ice, are not welcome in my house either and that’s the class that I put Duane and Chuck in.

All I ask is that you don’t judge me as being rotten until you actually see me as being such, and until then take my word for the way I am living. My life isn’t as bad as everyone would like to think.

Come and see us sometime. No one else will.


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