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6S: ” Silence ”

25 June 2010
Contributor: Gypsy

Pressed to the bay window in silence, she looked over of a sea of green fields interspersed by little islets of trees and edges.

” I love you, my reflection,” He remained focused on the book open in front of him and he shifted in his comfortable desk chair, and she only stirred within.

” My reflection, I said I love you,” He smiled so brilliantly, turning the book face down upon his lap.

She did not respond, only watched over the shadowy gray escarpment that blocked her view of the sea itself and heard the waves throwing themselves against the cliff-face under the heavy skies.

” Sometimes,” He stood from his chair, “I simply need what only a gag can provide: your silence — You can admire the scenery, while I admire your obscenity. “

She delighted in his knowledge of her posture, how it pressed against the open window, and how her silence spoke volumes, of how much more she loved him back.

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